Faced with the threat of disease transmission by mosquitoes and other insects (e.g., Dengue, Zika, Malaria, Yellow Fever, etc.) and the discomfort of bites, those in charge of the children want to reduce these possibilities. The repellents present themselves as allies in this mission.

When choosing the product, it is essential to carefully read the label and the recommendations, both for use and for age, being able to assess whether it is suitable for babies and children;
The adult must assist the child's spraying;
If it is for textiles, the product should be sprayed on clothes or other textiles. If it is cutaneous, the application should be sprayed on exposed areas of the child's body, at the recommended dose and avoiding contact with wounds, eyes, mouth, etc.;
The application can be repeated as soon as a decrease in repellency is noticed (usually no later than 8 hours after the first application);
Watch for signs of allergy or irritation.

The Textile Anti-Insect Spray is indicated for children from 6 months. is a safe, comfortable and long-lasting protection option (one application every 30 days, which equates to about 5 machine washes) for all children.

The Skin Repellent is indicated for babies aged 1-2 years (in these the sprays should be restricted to seven) and for children over 2 years (the sprays should be a maximum of approximately fourteen). It is recommended that the product be applied by adults to children under the age of 11 years.

If you have any doubts about which product to use, do not hesitate to consult your doctor.

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