House dust mites are microscopic animals that live in accumulated dust and lodge in mattresses, blankets, rugs, stuffed dolls, among others, and are present even in clean houses. They feed mainly on human skin debris that accumulate on bed linen and mattresses and that are freed from the body by scaling. They prefer places with mild and humid temperatures, and in autumn they proliferate the most.

They are considered the primary cause of respiratory tract allergies. Mild mite allergy can induce a blocked or runny nose, and in moderate to severe cases, skin irritation, sneezing, asthma attacks or watery eyes can be added.

It is estimated that one in four families have an element allergic to mites. In other words, around 26% of homes contain at least one person who suffers from dust mite allergy. However, a large portion of patients do not follow any treatment directed towards this issue.

Although mites do not transmit disease, exposure to certain proteins from their bodies and excreta, mainly through our respiratory lives, can trigger the emergence of allergic diseases.

Next, we donate some measures to reduce the number of mites in the home:

Choose foam or synthetic rubber mattresses. It is effective to wrap them in a waterproof fiber or plastic cover;
Choose bedding with synthetic material (e.g., polyester) as well as washable pillows and synthetic material. Prefer fiber blankets and synthetic, washable duvets;
Choose mobile furniture with smooth surfaces, as they simplify cleaning and will accumulate less dust;
Make a rigorous selection of the appliances and/or decoration arranged, as these (e.g., books, television, music systems, etc.) tend to accumulate a lot of dust;
The smooth walls make it easy to keep clean and preserve less dust;
Wooden floors should be preferred for their ease of cleaning. Avoid thick, shag rugs or carpets;
The curtains must be made of synthetic and smooth materials and the curtains light.

With proven acaricide action, the Textile Anti-Insect Spray (100ml and 200ml) can be used to control and eliminate mite infestations, and can be an ally for all those who have allergic rhinitis or other allergic manifestations associated with mites.

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