Sensitive skin, being more delicate and fragile, requires accentuated care. Low oil may result in a rough appearance and a tendency to wrinkle. Additionally, irritability tends to occur, both from the use of cosmetics and from climatic changes. When it occurs, individuals tend to show burning, redness, itching and spots and even scaling.

The products applied must be specific for sensitive skin, in order to avoid the emergence of allergy or intolerance.
As it is not intended for cutaneous application and since its absorption is residual, the Anti-Insect Spray is positioned as an ally in anti-insect protection in people with reactive skin or with greater cutaneous sensitivity.

Allergic reactions and/or contact irritations can arise from the application of a product, even if used previously if the immune system is weakened. Contact dermatitis or erythema are the most common inflammation and are caused by contact with a certain substance. The skin tends to turn red, followed by itching, pimples and peeling in the contact area.

It is important to carefully read the ingredients listed on the packaging of the products you use;
If you experience these symptoms continuously, you should stop using the product immediately and pay attention to potentially allergenic substances.
In principle, the use of Skin Repellent will not bring any skin problems, being even more delicate than some alternatives. However, we advise you to carefully read the label and the information provided before use.

Do not spray directly onto the face;
Do not apply to cuts, irritated skin or freshly shaved/shaved skin.

If you have any doubts about which product to use, do not hesitate to consult your doctor.

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