Being easy to apply and having high duration and effectiveness, Anti-Insect Spray for Textiles is an effective solution to protect athletes and sportsmen and/or simply all people who do not want an active life, as well as their family. In addition, those who enjoy hiking, camping and/or outdoor relaxation activities are included in this product's beneficiaries.

Our formula remains active for long periods of time (30 washes and 5 washes) and its protective effect does not degrade with perspiration or exposure to the elements.

Likewise, Moskout with IR3535 is a great solution for adventurers, as this skin repellent, developed to repel mosquitoes and ticks, has a long duration of action (up to 8 hours against mosquitoes and up to 12 hours against ticks). Its active solution, the IR3535, was approved in Europe and the United States of America, being recommended by fundamental entities in the field of medicine; namely, the World Health Organization.

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